Real Life Require Processes & Procedures

Tuesday January 7, 2020 comments Tags: nonprofit, accounting, mission, vision, tools

Any accounting business or tax advice in this podcast is not intended as a thorough in depth analysis of specific issues nor substitution of a formal opinion, nor is it sufficient to avoid tax related penalties. If you need any help with that, please reach out. This is another episode of the Nonprofit Nuggets Podcast and I wanted to share a little bit about tools that you can use. So really good thing to have in place for your organizations are processes and procedures. This is important if something goes wrong.  In a moment of transparency, as I record this, I am one year out from a not quite routine surgery that ended up revealing that I had stage two cancer and the day before I went into surgery I was definitely at meetings with potential clients, sending out proposals and doing 50 million things before I finally at five o'clock send to my virtual assistant and was like, Hey, I need to go get ready for tomorrow.

Can you get these things done? I didn't even tell her why. I was just like, Hey, I'm going to be out for a week. Um, and then I was out, the doctors told me that I would have to be out for four days. I ended up being in the hospital and getting released from the hospital eight days later and it made me rethink how was I delivering services to clients as well as how was I taking care of myself. So for you, the overwhelmed nonprofit leader who is definitely probably in this boat with me, think about those things. Are you setting up the people around you? Whether that be those volunteers and board members, actual staff? Are you setting them up to support you? Are you giving them the tools? Do you have the processes written out so you have your logins page saved some place where that if you are out of the office for some unforeseen reason and they wanted to do something, they could help you and they could finish that grant application.

They could go meet with a potential funder, they could deliver the service. If you don't have it written out, that is your to do to get those processes written. Even if your first step is to write them all down, like write down what you do in a day, each day, write down each of your tasks and then break down what are the processes between all of those that will really help you build the infrastructure that you're gonna need if you need to take time out to take care of yourself, to take care of your family. So go on vacation, not burn out. Um, really think about those things. Really think about how you can diversify your offerings for your clients, your community, so that while you are still sticking to your who and your what, you're still serving these people, you're still getting them to this place. You are able to do it in more ways than one, so that you are never completely sidelined when things go down. Hope this helps. Feel free to tag us on social media @cnrgadvisory. You can use the hashtag #nonprofitnuggetspodcast. We are excited. I am one year later cancer free, in case you're wondering.

Hey, have you checked out our new course Impact Basics? It is our six week course to help guide nonprofits through the things that make a difference when explaining your impact. So we're going to talk about your mission. We're going to work through your priorities, some tools for reflecting that impact, and then we're going to dig into storytelling and how you can show your impact in ways that are way more fun than just looking at the numbers. Super excited. Let me know if you have questions. You can schedule a call. My calendar will be in the notes and we can talk about if this is a good fit for you. The course will start on January 21st.



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