Group Workshop

Want to Start a Nonprofit?

Stepping into any role at a nonprofit can feel daunting. Starting a nonprofit? It can be a roller coaster. You have a purpose in your heart and all the paperwork and tracking feels like it stands in the way of your mission. You just want to help the babies, but people keep asking for more information, more documentation, more answers to why they should give you money.

Now, you're starting to doubt if you can even take on this type of endeavor. You're scared you're going to make a mistake and be called a fraud, lose or be denied funding, lose exempt status, and hurt those you are trying to help. You feel ill-equipped to manage the money and nervous to completely give control to someone else. You're worried you'll hire the wrong people and they won't get all the little things you need to make sure your financial data is solid.

During this masterclass for new nonprofit leaders and board members, we'll discuss:

- 3 key differences between a nonprofit and for-profit business
- what 3 steps not to forget after you incorporate; and
- why getting your financial house in order is vital to reflecting the impact that secures funding.

Join us for a FREE webinar on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 via Zoom at 5pm MT.

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