What we do

At CNRG we work to first understand your long-range organizational plans. From there, we identify the barriers to your financial goals. As with flying trapeze, we start with the end in mind. The big picture “trick” will be awe-inspiring, but needs someone guiding, cheering on, and supporting the team it takes to pull it off. One actionable step at a time, we work with you to implement what keeps your business running smoothly.

Our expertise includes process development, virtual accounting services, and training and workshops.

CNRG believes firmly in taking a holistic approach to your current operations, finances and goals. During the client intake process, we tackle things like your thoughts on money as well as your short, mid, and long-range goals. We become solution driven. We provide a personalized plan for financial stability.

"Before I met with Chyla, I felt disconnected from my target goals and a realistic pathway to them. [After working with Chyla] I felt comfortable, empowered, that I was walking hand in hand with a partner toward my goal." - Owen Baillie, Director of Development

We help you with long-term budgeting - looking forward at costs and expenses based on how you want your business to grow.  Our vision is to offer you a clear path to financial stability, by training you to form resolutions, set achievable objectives, and manage your money.

"I felt stressed out about taxes.  Working with Chyla made it really easy.  I would tell them she's awesome.  She did things my accountant of 10 years didn't think of."- Jennifer Mericle, real estate investor

Our goal is to help you feel confident in your ability to maintain your books, tax preparation and planning, oversee your bookkeeper, and initiate conversations with your CPA.  We also address current financial policy development and implementation including staff training.

At CNRG, we consider you our partner. When you succeed, we succeed and that pushes us to do our best. We believe in maximizing technology to gain efficiencies. Thus, streamlining processes.

"Before working with Chyla I felt overwhelmed, excited, and determined to make [my business] work.  [I needed] someone who could guide me in what I can and can't do as far as my finances. Chyla helped by asking specific questions, laying out several options, and providing me with examples of how it should work (ie the process). When I tell people about Chyla I say, if they are looking for someone to assist with getting business finances in order, they should talk to Chyla." -Kenyona Pierre, President of Ke-La Firm

At CNRG, we know how it feels to go through the uncertainty that comes with succeeding in business. We’ve been there. But we’ve had years of experience fine-tuning the processes it takes to make your life easier. We are your support system to streamline your organization. We’ve got you. We’re your CPA on lines.

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Our President

With almost a decade under her belt as a certified public accountant (CPA), Chyla Graham, President of CNRG Accounting Advisory, LLC, is your chief resource manager; helping you navigate the accounting and fiscal tightrope walked by nonprofit organizations and small business owners.

How does she stand out? She flies trapeze, for a start. Yes really. Chyla has integrated flying trapeze into her off time for years, and has seen how its process flows right into her philosophy of business success.

 “We all start out needing guidance and support from someone experienced in what we are trying to accomplish. In trapeze, those support guides are the ones ON LINES, meaning they are literally on the ropes, or lines, keeping trapeze artists safe. Being on lines means providing feedback and coaching to those people navigating the air, and are the biggest cheerleaders of tricks done well.”-Chyla Graham

Chyla, and her company CNRG are your CPA “on lines”.

Diving into the foundation of your organization, Chyla examines systems, training, processes, procedures, staff, and emotions to strategize a workable plan to use as a backbone that will keep your business running smoothly.

Reach out to Chyla to talk about your end game and putting into place the smaller actionable steps to get there. You’ll be glad you did.

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