All Things I Love: Infrastructure & Systems

Tuesday June 9, 2020 comments Tags: Infrastructure, Systems, Accounting, Nonprofit

Any accounting, business or tax advice in this here podcast is not intended as a thorough in depth analysis of your specific issues. It's not a substitute for a formal opinion. It is not good enough to avoid tax related penalties. Got to tell you this because don't want y'all coming for me. Back to the episode.  Hey, it's Chyla Graham. Welcome to season three of the Nonprofit Nuggets Podcast. This season is going to be about infrastructure and systems. You know, the things I love. I'll be talking to some friends and you get to hear their interviews spread out over time. Because as you know, we keep these things short and sweet, but for those of you who want a little bit more in depth, and you're like, I'd rather listen to them all at one time, head over to our website, we'll post those there.

So what is it about infrastructure that I find so important? It's the idea of building systems before you need them? I like the analogy of building a house. You don't just say, Oh, I want a couch because that's where I live. You think about the true framework. You think about, hey, we need a foundation. We need a roof. We need to make sure that the walls don't collapse on itself. And as nonprofit leaders, that's one of the things you should do as well. You should think about what is it that we're gonna need to build this organization to its best thing so that we can leave the house. At some point, we leave it to our kids, be that ended up having to sell it because we need to move on. You need to know that this organization is going to outlast you.

This house that you built may outlast you and you built it to do that. The beauty of building an infrastructure is that you have that ability. You don't have to rely on doing it all yourself. And it also makes it easier for other people to help you because you have the systems in place for them to do so. For that reason, this season, in addition to the podcast, we'll also be doing a free webinar on building your infrastructure and that'll be on June 30th at 10:00 AM. Mountain. Hope you get to join us. And I'm super excited for what you get out of this season's episodes. 


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