Preparing for Your Budget

Tuesday January 25, 2022 comments

Hi there! If you are a nonprofit leader ready to become comfortable talking about money, you are in good company!

We always talk about preparing the numbers of your budget. To help you become comfortable talking about money, I’d like to share some tips on preparing yourself and your team for budgeting and how it will benefit both of you.

Tips shared in today’s episode:

  • Two reasons you might not have your budget finalized in January (2:17)
  • When to have your budget finalized and why (3:11)
  • How your budget guides you from the beginning (3:56)
  • What to do if your budget changes (4:39)
  • How to make sure your budget is finalized (5:55)
  • When to review your current year’s budget (6:55)

I hope today’s episode has encouraged you to move forward making a decision with your budget. If you have any additional questions, we are here to support you. You can reach out to us or visit our website to check out further training and workshops. If you want to hear more from me, make sure to check out the Sista’s Nonprofit Network Summit on January 28th, 2022, where I will be leading a session on financial management. 

If you want to continue the conversation, be sure to find me on Instagram and send me a DM! I would love to hear more about you and your nonprofit!

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